OXIDE Yuri Set @ 7th Midwinter Fair

The annual Midwinter Fair has kicked off for the 7th year, but be quick as it is only for 6 days!

7th Midwinter Fair
Jan 11th-Jan17th, 2018

Yuri Details

Discounted for Midwinter Fair. Buy as a complete pack, or each separately

  • Headchains (2 styles)
  • Earrings
  • Collars

Each comes with texture change HUD.


Hello 2018: OXIDE Zuri Headchain for { etoile }

We’re kicking off 2018 with our first release for a new event.


OXIDE Zuri Headchain

OXIDE Zuri Headchain for { etoile }
Opening January 5th, 2018

We enjoy making headchains so much, there might be more this year.

Samples are rezzed at the booth for you to check out the textures. Please note that none of the samples are scripted (to combat event lag) and therefore they have to be rezzed for each texture.

However, the purchase pack is one object with a texture change HUD. No clutter in your inventory. 😀

  • Unrigged original mesh
  • Texture change – 7 faces, 5 metals and 5 gems
  • Copy/Mod/No Transfer

++TP to { etoile }++

OXIDE new VIP Group Gift + Subscriber Gift

++All these goodies in mainstore++

OXIDE Pearl Choker - VIP Gift
Pearl Choker – OXIDE VIP Gift.

  • Original mesh choker
  • Texture Change HUD
  • C/M/No Transfer
  • Group cost to join
  • Get all past and present gifts
  • VIP will also get the Hex Earrings below

OXIDE Hex Earrings - Subscriber Gift
Hex earrings – Subscribers

  • Original mesh, unrigged earirngs
  • Texture Change HUD
  • C/M/No Transfer
  • OXIDE Subscribo is free to join and do not take up a group slot 😀
  • Get all past and present subscriber gift – so far we have 5 in store

OXIDE November Frenzy

A.K.A “No such thing as easing into winter!”

Right. Let’s rocket forward. 😀

Candy Fair

First up is the sweetest event on the grid…Candy Fair 2017!

OXIDE Heart Candy Set - Candy Fair 2017

OXIDE Heart Candy Set – Candy Fair 2017
Nov 17th – Dec 1st, 2017

2 types of necklaces (short and long) + earrings. Chocolate drippings, icing or melted sugar? You decide! Texture change HUD all the way, baby.

And don’t forget to grab the gift while you’re there. We’ve updated the metal textures for Aja Earrings and then made some candy-inspired ones:

OXIDE Aja Earrings: Candy Version! - Candy Fair 2017

Updated textures for Aja Earrings!
Gift for Candy Fair 2017
Nov 17th – Dec 1st, 2017

And if you fancy some cheap fun, and I REALLY mean cheap fun, we have some sweetsour candy inspired bracelets as gacha. 30L per play and no rares.

OXIE Sugar Bracelets Gacha - Candy Fair 2017

OXIDE Sugar Bracelets Gacha
30L per play
Nov 17th – Dec 1st, 2017

Remnant: Dark Days

We LOVE post-apoc, dystopianesque events. LOVE.


Anyway. Here’s what we made:

OXIDE Barbed Collar - Remnant

OXIDE Barbed Collar -Remnant Event
Nov 17th – Dec 8th, 2017
Premium, original mesh barb wires – guaranteed no rust,
no tetanus risk
Do not wear if swimming in ocean – may cause rust

Wire and barbs are texture change independently. Unscripted samples are rezzed at OXIDE’s booth if you’d like to see the textures.


And finally, for this half of November, Whimsical event is back!

OXIDE Pixie Star Circlet

OXIDE Pixie Star Circlet -Whimsical
Nov 18th – Dec 18th, 2017

What can be more Whimsical than a circlet of stars, right?

Named after a whimsical Pixie. Don’t forget to visit her here.

OXIDE Bulk Autumn Updates!

We have been so behind in our updates…

All of the events we’re currently in were ‘conceived’ in Autumn. So there are a lot of gifts swimming around SL nowadays, don’t miss it!

Let’s start with the VIP Gift for September:

OXIDE VIP Gift September

OXIDE Arachne Headchain - Sept VIP Gift!

OXIDE September VIP Gift
Available @ OXIDE Mainstore

The Seasons Story Autumn

OXIDE Arlet Set (Necklaces + Earrings)

Arlet Set (Necklaces + Earrings) @ The Seasons Story, Autumn 2017
– 4 necklace styles
– 2 earrings style
– Texture CHange HUD
– C/M/NT

OXIDE Arlet Bangle (TSS Anniversary Gift 2017)

Happy Anniversary, TSS! 0L at TSS.
– Left and right included
– Texture change HUD
– C/M/NT

Fallen Gods Decennial

OXIDE Chandra Diadem - Fallen Gods Decennial

Fallen Gods Decennial – FG 10th Anniversary
– Texture change HUD
– C/M/NT
– Don’t forget to pick up the Timeless Hunt HUD!

The Nightmare 2017

OXIDE Arachne Hair Ornament

Creepy Crawlies @ The Nightmare 2017
– Texture change HUD. 5 metals, 10 gems.
– Left and right side included
– Pre-joined and ‘singles’ (single web, single spiders)
– 6 different types of ‘single’ spiders for each side.
– Make your own ‘nest’ arrangements! 
– Each element 2Li when rezzed
– None of the spiders are animated.

OXIDE Arachne Collar - Nightmare Hunt Gift

The Nightmare 2017 Hunt Prize.
– Collect 25 teeth to claim all the gifts.
Grab the free Nightmare HUD 2017 at the event and start your journey. Beware, the hunt is not for the faint hearted.


OXIDE Fleur Set

Fleur Set @ Sanarae
– Necklace + Earrings
– Texture change HUD 
Unscripted samples rezzed @ Sanarae. ♥
– Copy/Mod

OXIDE Vivi Bracelets - Sanarae 2nd Bday Gift

Happy Birthday, Sanarae! ♥ 
Gift for Sanarae Event Group
Find the birthday cake at every booth.
Group is free to join, just copy and paste this link into local chat, and follow the link –> secondlife:///app/group/55ac7324-b7a2-9691-03d9-6fd0f42dbd24/about

Phew! Happy shopping!