OXIDE Raen Headchain for Easter

OXIDE Raen Headchain - Casper Easter Hunt

We’re participating in the biggest Easter Egg Hunt on SL! The Great Caspertech Easter Egg Hunt is happening in roughly 6 hours at time of writing. The hunt is pretty straightforward – find the egg at participating stores. 😀

++TP to OXIDE Mainstore++

(Note: Egg will not dispense item before official hunt start time)

Hint for OXIDE: “You should be a Bull whisperer”. Our egg is also the one with butterflies circling it, if that helps. 😛

The Headchain is only free for the duration of the hunt (13-17th April). After that, it’ll be sold at normal price…so grab that egg while you can!

OXIDE Wanni Set (SaNaRae) & Nara Gacha (Lootbox)

OXIDE Wanni Flower Set

An ode to my favourite season, now out for 50% off @ Sanarae

  • Unrigged origina mesh
  • Necklace + ear cuffs
  • Texture change HUD for metals and flowers.

We are also in Lootbox Gacha this season!

OXIDE Nara Gacha Set - Lootbox March 2017

12 commons, 1 rare, 1 lootbox. No Copy/Mod/Trans

 March Lootbox Guide | Magical Teleportation to your Loot

 Lootbox item

(A ‘lootbox’ is a prize that contains 3 items in it, with the rare included. The other two items can be commons, secret commons, or even a secret rare!)

  • OXIDE Nara Crown RARE
  • OXIDE Nara Necklace – Bronze
  • OXIDE Nara Earrings – Bronze


Nara Crown RARE

  • Includes texture change HUD
  • change metals and gems


Nara Circlet – Bronze / Copper / White / Black

  • Four to win separately

 Nara Earrings – Bronze / Copper / White / Black

  • Four to win separately
  • Each with texture change gems
  • Texture change by touch

 Nara Necklace – Bronze / Copper / White / Black

  • Four to win separately
  • Each with texture change gems
  • Texture change by touch

OXIDE Mer Crown – Treasure Chest Revealed!

OXIDE Mer Crown - Treasure Chest

Photo location: Baja Norte

Finally able to show this! We think this will be useful for ruling the Seven Seas, no? 😀

The Mer Crown is only available through Treasure Chest Subscription for ONE year, before we can release it instore or marketplace.

If you signed up for it before March 15th, you’d have only paid 1500L. Signing up on or after March 15th means you have to pay double the price…so please make sure you sign up for next round early. 😀

//More info!//

OXIDE Citra Earrings @ SaNaRae

OXIDE Citra Earrings

Options. We love options.

That is why OXIDE made an earring that coud be worn three ways. Wear it whole, or wear only the top (backed by studs, instead of hook) or only the lower part – your choice! Plus, we included tons of texture change options.

All this for 50% off @ SaNaRae, you’d be mad not to get unto it. 😀

++TP to Sanarae++


  • Unrigged original mesh
  • C/M/No Transfer – will say no mod because of scripts
  • Texture change HUD with resizer – but it’s mod so you can resize manually if you wish.


Fiore head and hairbase + Mai Bilavio’s Keli Applier (SPF25)