Portable Magic

::OXI:: Portable Magic Bookbag

++Available @ Mainstore++

Literally a bookbag. Eh? Eh? Eh!

Never go on an adventure without your trusty Portable Magic bookbag. The over-shoulder strap is built with sturdy material so you will never lose your bag when you’re galloping on a stallion, riding your hovercraft (you gnarly fancy, you!), running away from dragons, monsters, orcs, trolls…

…though we very strongly recommend against aggravating the abovementioned creatures…we’re bagmakers, not miracle workers.

Will keep all your notebooks, potions, collection of herbs, little weapons and every memento you collect along your journey.

Available as fatpack or separately, but each will have a bonus ‘Earth’ element in the pack…for freeeeeee! ^_^

Enjoy and have a safe and memorable adventure! \o/


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