Gaia Set for Gacha Garden + Exclusive Seed of Inspiration!

OXI - Gaia Set @ Gacha Garden

++TP to Gacha Garden (Aug 1st)++

Very excited to be part of a new fun and whimsical gacha in town! 😀

The Gacha Garden is all about happiness, colour, joy and whimsy. What better way to celebrate that than a colourful nature-themed set? There are 6 commons and 1 rare, and is set at 35L per play.

The Commons

  • Gaia Armbands – To win in Gold, Black and Silver
    • For each armbands, you can change the colour of the flower and the rhinestones.
  • Gaia Necklace in Gold, Sun and Ice

The Rare – Gaia Crown

  • You can change the texture of the flowers, the gems and the butterflies.

The Seed of Inspiration

In addition to the set that you can win above, the event also incorporates a fun way to reward loyal players.

For each machine at the event, there is an exclusive item called Seed of Inspiration. Read more about it here.

To summarise: you are certain to receive it after each 20 plays. This Seeds will never be sold or made available by each creators after the event; so the only way to get it after will be to rummaged through yardsales.

And y’all know how expensive prices can be hiked up for retired items. 😀

This is my Seed of Inspiration, and hopefully this will motivate you to plant seeds of joy throughout the grid. 🙂

OXI - Gaia Staff -Seed of Inspiration for Gacha Garden


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