Mirage Set for Jackpot Gacha + Zahara Earrings for Equinox Hunt

Mirage Gacha Set

Mirage Set for The Jackpot Gacha Fair, starting from 16th September @ 12pm SLT.

At 30L per play. 10 commons to win and one rare.

++ TP to Jackpot Gacha, 12pm SLT++

What is Jackpot Gacha?

Mirage Gacha Set - Key

Important Info about the Mirage Dress

There is no alpha for the Mirage Outfit due to the revealing nature of the outfit. It was made to sit on top of the avi.

Glitch Fixed

It has come to our attention that there was a glitch in the voucher delivery – we apologize for this inconvenience!

Machine is now fixed with the RARE being delivered as a normal gacha item (so the dresses will be no copy/trans throughout).

For future reference/double check:

  • Error version is called OXI Mirage Dress RARE 
  • Fixed version is called OXI Mirage Outfit RARE

The error version does not have the word “outfit” on the item.

We’ll be sending out the fixed versions to those who won the glitched version of the RARE, please be patient while we work through the records.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!

Zahara Earrings - Equinox Hunt Gift

In addition to the gachas, the venue is also the location for Equinox Hunt.

Click on the balloons…you might get lucky!

++ TP to Jackpot Gacha, 12pm SLT++


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