Garuda Crown for The Fantasy Collective

Garuda Crown for The Fantasy Collective

Another round of TFC is open! Garuda Crown for TFC.

++TP to The Fantasy Collective++

Couldn’t decide on how to package all the different metals so hey, get all the options via HUD.

Also couldn’t fit all possible colours in a little HUD, therefore the white/silver one is tintable. Tint it however you like!

  • Copy/mod/no trans – it will say ‘no mod’ because of the HUD script.
  • Crown, diamonds, gem, chains, spikes – texture change via HUD

Important note about resizing via HUD

  • A resizer is incorporated in the HUD for your convenience.
  • However, crown is mod so you can resize it yourself the old fashion way. — This is probably the better way to resize it.
  • Please avoid using the ‘Original Size’ option on when resizing. This will shrink your crown!
  • Please always keep a copy. In any case, a backup copy is also included in the package.
  • If you lose both original and backup copies, simply get a redelivery via mainstore terminal or the by right-clicking–>touch the vendor.

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