OXIDE VIP Group Launched

OXIDE Kento Set [VIP Group Gift + Subscriber Group Gift]

++Grab OXIDE NEW inworld group gift here++

Hi ya! We have big news.

After a year of testing waters and getting feedback, we have decided to launch an OXIDE VIP group inworld.

OXIDE VIP group is free to join til Feb 28th.

After that, there will be a 100L joining fee.

What’s good with VIP Group?􀀆

The subscriber group will remain for those who do not wish to give up group space, don’t worry, we will not forget you! The Champagne tone for the Kento Set is a subscriber gift.
◆ VIP Group (100L after Feb 28th) ◆

  • 10% off new releases from February 2016 onwards
    • Inworld purchases only – not including gacha
    • This cannot be implemented on Second Life Marketplace (as far as we know, but if we could, we would!)
    • Includes discounted items purchased inworld!
      • For example, when an event need items discounted 50%, VIP group members get 50% + 10% (unless event organizers disallow this)
  • VIP only sales/pre-sales opportunity
  • Monthly group gift – which also includes the subscribers gift
  • Monthly giftcard(s) giveaway.


◆ Subscribers Group (always free!) ◆

  • Always free
  • Quarterly gifts
  • Quarterly giftcard(s) giveaway


◆ About giftcards giveaway ◆

  • In the event that someone is a member of both VIP Group and Subscriber Group, they will only be eligible for giftcards from ONE group.
  • Previous winners of the giftcards will be withdrawn from the raffle every 6 months to give everyone a fair chance.

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