OXIDE Ciaran Rings for The Boys of Summer

OXIDE Ciaran Rings - The Boys of Summer

He’s a lad, this one. Hanging around in bars, up to no good. Trouble, trouble, trouble, I say!

Ciaran Rings, exclusive for The Boys of Summer.

++TP to The Boys of Summer (July 16th, 6pm SLT-July 31st).++

Made especially for men, sized around male fingers and with men in mind. Not tested for female size…but item is mod if you are so determined!

  • Unrigged original mesh
  • Pre-stacked and pre-fitted to Slink Male Relax, but can easily be resized for any other hands
  • Left and right
  • Every part texture change

Bar: The Barrel Joint – CerberusXing & Contraption
Mesh hand: Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax – Slink
Outfit: Fratboy Suit – Swagga


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