OXIDE Immortal Gacha Set @ Lootbox Sept 2017

OXIDE Immortal Set

For the Ruler of the Eternal Night.

Coming soon to Lootbox (Sept 20th, 10pm SLT).

++TP to Lootbox++

No Copy/Mod/Transfer

Trading/Yardsale Friendly Packaging
As former gacha addict (would probably still be if we don’t spend 98% of SL time creating!), we know the deal.

Oh yes, we so do.

Tons and tons of boxes to open. What’s in this one? How does it look like? Which one is A, which one is B? What on earth is an ‘onyx’ colour? Why is this gacha key so tiny?!?!?

It’s like Christmas and hell all at the same time.

So this time round, our prizes are packaged to be trade/yardsale friendly boxes. Each box texture will show both the gacha key and what is in that particular box. Zero guesswork on your part. Rezz and go!

There’s also a checklist available at the event. Just look for the info box next to our gacha machine and grab the NC. β™₯

Have fun!

Items List

Lootbox Set
This particular combo of items is only available for the duration of Lootbox event.

  • Immortal Crowns (Texture Change)
  • Immortal Collar A
  • Immortal Collar B

Immortal Crown RARE – Bronze
Immortal Crown RARE – GOLD

Immortal Circlet RARE – Bronze
Immortal Circlet RARE – Gold

Immortal Armlet A – Bronze
Immortal Armlet A – Gold

Immortal Armlet B – Bronze
Immortal Armlet B – Gold

Immortal Collar A – Onyx
Immortal Collar A – Purple
Immortal Collar A – Red
Immortal Collar A – Violet

Immortal Collar B – Onyx
Immortal Collar B – Purple
Immortal Collar B – Red
Immortal Collar B – Violet



OXIDE Devi Armlets for Sanarae 24

OXIDE Devi Armlets

Time to mellow down…

After indulging in our darker side for the last two events, we’re back with something more ‘calming’ and less ‘stabby’ πŸ˜›

Beautiful and delicate armlets, out now for 50% off at Sanarae 24.

++TP to Sanarae++

  • Unrigged original mesh
  • Joined and separated, left and right
  • Texture Change HUD
  • Copy/Modify/No Transfer

OXIDE Skulled Cuffs

OXIDE Skulled Cuffs - Rewind 70's Punk

Skulled cuffs. Angry looking skulls nomming and holding on to your ears, whispering rebellious thoughts.

Coming soon to Rewind – 70s!

  • Original Mesh
  • Unrigged
  • Comes pre-linked (4 cuffs) or singles
  • Texture change HUD
  • C/M/NT

How to Edit

NOTE: The object in your inventory will say ‘No Modify’. That is only because the script inside is no mod. The object itself will be mod – because No Mod objects SUCKS.

For these cuffs, basic editing/building skills will be very advantageous. This postΒ will attempt to show you some basic editing guide if you’re new to this…or SL in general.

There are two sets of cuffs – ‘Fours’ and ‘Single’.

  • ‘Fours’ means they are prelinked. 4 cuffs for each left and right side.
  • ‘Singles’ means only one cuff for each left and right.

Texturing and resizing
You have to touch the product you want to texture to make the product communicate with the HUD.

You have 15 seconds to make a texture choice.

Please wait 15 seconds after your last choice/touch before activating a second set of product.

You can resize the cuffs with the HUD or manually

  • Resizing with HUD is convenient, but can be slow
  • Resizing manually (with edit mode) can be troublesome, but is faster!

Editing “Fours”
Different avis and heads have different sizes/shaped ears. These cuffs are unrigged so you can edit the placement. To edit, simply ‘Edit Linked’ the cuff you want to move while you’re wearing it:


“So OXIDE, why not just make ‘singles’? Why are you cluttering my inventory???”


This is because the ‘fours’ will be textured at the same time by the HUD.

  • This means all four cuffs will change textures at the same time.
  • 4 golds, 4 silvers etc.

We thought this will be the realistic option because in RL, packs usually comes with 4 of the same color or you’d be wearing it with same colors…


Ok, ok, sorry, sorry! That is why we have the ‘singles’ options. o if you want variety.

Editing Singles
Simply copy and paste each ‘Single’ as many times as you like, and then re-positioned them while you wear the worn copies.


Make sure you copy the right side. For example, every copied version of “OXIDE Skulled Cuff – Single {Right}” will always attach to Right Ear.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed the cuffs and go forth and rebel. πŸ˜€

OXIDE Been Busy!

Lots of releases. πŸ˜€

OXIDE Julia Earrings - VIP Gift

Julia Earrings – OXIDE VIP Group Gift @ Mainstore
C/M/NT with texture change HUD
Group costs 100L to join and entitles you to all past gifts

OXIDE Kaimana Necklace - Sanarae

OXIDE Kaimana Necklace – for Sanarae: Lost in Island theme
C/M/NT with texture change HUD
++TP to Sanarae++

Indie Teepee 2017

Excited to be in Indie Teepee again this year! 16 days of not JUST shopping, but theater, art installations, music, dance performances…there’s simply no event like it!

Date: July 21st – Aug 6th
Web: http://www.indieteepee.com/ (Keep updated with schedules)

++TP to Indie Teepee 2017++

OXIDE Arida Necklace - IDTP2017

OXIDE Layla Bracelets - IDTP2017